Nice Abyss Contest 2013: 2 médailles !

The BA team hit again this week end, at the Nice Abyss Contest… Remy is winning the CWT with a dive to 91 meters, and the FIM with 81 meters ! That’s an honour to climb on the highest step of the podium of the famous competition organized by Guillaume Néry, and compulsory step to the qualification for the World Championships.

Mon Vertical Blue – par Rémy Dubern

Vertical Blue… What an experience! I trained hard the past 2 months and got rewarded! Ok, I got a yellow card first – equalization and a bit of anxiety don’t do so well together 🙂 – but then, 3 white cards in a row with 90, 92 and a nice dive to 94 meters! Yesterday I was feeling very sore and tired but I still wanted to do my dive… 95 meters would have looked good on the ranking! The only thing is apparently you cant take a little nap […]

VERTICAL BLUE 2012 – Annonces & résultats

Vertical Blue’s concept : 9 competition days in total, spreaded in 3 acts of 3 days, with a day off between each act Each athlete has 6 days out of these 9 to realize his performances in the 3 offered depth disciplines: CWT, CNF et FIM The winners are the man and the woman cumulating the most points in the 3 disciplines Each one is free to announce each day the discipline of one’s choice, but also not to play the competition and focus on one or two disciplines Day […]

VERTICAL BLUE 2012 – C'est parti !

VERTICAL BLUE… A legen – wait for it! – dary event in the freediving circuit! A must-see competition, must-dive if you are a diver! Dean’s Blue Hole, this incredible spot, a salt-water swimming pool, with warm, calm waters that run 202m deep… an underwater cathedral, known as the world’s best freedive spot, is hosting the 2012 edition of the famous Vertical Blue competition. More than 50 athletes, coming from all over the world will confront one another and try to be the deepest in three disciplines: constant weight with/without fins […]

Deep Safety – by Daan Verhoeven

October 3rd 2011, by Daan Verhoeven Though the primary safety in freediving is the athlete themselves, in about 5 to 10 percent of the dives done during AIDA freediving competitions another person is needed to help the athlete to the surface or keep their airways above the surface. This person is known as the safety diver (in this document referred to as “safety”), and in competitive deep freediving, 2 safety divers are required per dive-line. The safety diver’s job is two-fold: one is to ensure the athlete’s safety around and […]