Blue-Addiction sur TF1 !

As we said after our post about Myrtos, Blue-Addiction is famous ! We are TV stars! A television crew spent 3 days in Crete for a report about Guillaume Nery that was broadcasted after the world championships.

Blue-Addiction on French TV! from Blue-Addiction on Vimeo.

Have a look at the below link, we appear as of 7:10 minutes. This part of the report has been filmed after the Mediterranean Cup 2012, organized by Stavros Kastrinakis and where Blue-Addiction was offering the full set of AIDA courses.

Guillaume participated to the competition, and then stayed a couple of days more for some depth training. The crew came to film his 119 meters dive. Remy was doing his deep safety, with the UW scooter, meeting him on the last 40 meters on the way back to the surface. Spot him with his titanium suit and his cool James Bond scooter. Chloe was helping with the coordination – countdowns, depth sonar check. She is wearing a pink bikini – can’t miss her.

We are expecting at least an Oscar nomination with such great actor’s performances… stay tuned 🙂

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