Pro team

The project

This project comes from the fact that freediving is still a developing sport, not very structured, which means that athletes get little help and support to perform at their best. For athletes to reach their maximum potential in these conditions is hard and depends a lot on supervision and on the athletes’ ability to fund their season

A group of friend, passionate freedivers had the idea to help young promising freedivers and give them the means to reach their objectives in depth freediving, within a structured team. They got inspired by similar structures set-up in other sports (rowing, climbing,…) that allowed young athletes to reach their disciplines’ top level.

The name, Blue Addiction Pro Team, was chosen to highlight the help that Blue Addiction will provide to the athletes on their professional development and the support on their training.


Pro Team goals

Help young freedivers that need support to their freediving carreer :

  • Support them on funding ;
  • Bring them a supporting structure : trainers, coaches on the different performance dimensions of competitive freediving ;
  • Help them build-up their professional development, to facilitate their post-career transition.

The Team structure ‘Pro-team’ allows to stimulate the team-spirit, while increasing the emulation and sharing between the team athletes.



The Blue Addiction Pro Team

The athletes

The Team is made of 3 young athletes, on the rise and highly motivated, aiming at the podiums and training since several years.

They have a high potential and one wish : getting even closer to the world’s Elite.

Find them on our Instagram account or Facebook page, and on their personal accounts.


Dimitri Chavasse   Eva André   Vivien Richard
© Dimitri Chavasse © Nicolas Maiffret © Vivien Richard
Specialized in Constant Weight with fins
Maximum depth reached so far -105m with a monofin
Specialized in Constant Weight with fins
Maximum depth reached so far -80m with a monofin
Specialized in Constant Weight with fins
Maximum depth reached so far -71m with bi-fins

The staff

A high level team to support them the all year round.

Guillaume Bourdila
Trainer, swimming technique and physical preparation
  Federico Mana
Equalization trainer
  Christian Maldamé
Team Manager

© G. Bourdila

© F. Mana

© C. Maldamé
Guillaume trains and provides his expertise to the Team.
An exceptionnal athlete, many times dynamic world champion.
Federico is a world class equalization specialist that taught and coached  many athletes.
Former top level freediver
Christian manages and supports the Team.
Former top level freediver, he was the AIDA French national team’s coach in 2012, 2019,2021 & 2022

Contact and information

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